Christmas gifts


Trial flight vouchers

The ideal Christmas present

  • Vouchers are available for winch and aerotow launched trial flights

  • Winch launched trial flights are just £44

  • Aerotow trial flights go to either 2000 feet, 3000 feet or one mile high (which is 4600 feet above the airfield) are from £85 to £158

  • Full details of these flights, which all come with a 30 day full club membership, are on the Trial Flight Page

  • Trial flights are suitable for all ages but some age and weight restrictions apply

  • All flights are with a fully qualified BGA instructor in one of our three training two seater gliders - just like the one below
You can buy vouchers online using a card or by post

Trial Flight - Winch launch
Name on voucher (Optional)
Trial Flight - Aerotow 2000 ft
Name on voucher (Optional)
Trial Flight - Aerotow 3000 ft
Name on voucher (Optional)
Trial Flight - Aerotow 1 mile high
(4600 feet above airfield)
Name on voucher (Optional)