Club information

Field looking west

The airfield is situated at Kingston Deverill a few miles south of Warminster, close to the Wiltshire/Dorset border, just North of Mere. 
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The club was formed in 1963 as the Bath Gliding Club, eventually becoming the Bath & Wilts Gliding Club. Until the move to The Park in 1992, when the club became the Bath Wilts and North Dorset Gliding Club, the club flew from Keevil airfield. There are currently around 25 privately owned gliders. The club is host to the Bath University Gliding Club. There are no paid staff, all club functions are provided by club members

Airfield looking east

Skylaunch winch and Pawnee tow plane

Club Aircraft
Two seaters: 3 Puchacz
Single seaters: 2 Astir & K6Cr
Venture motor glider available for club members

Flying days
Saturday, Sundays & Bank Holidays
+ several flying weeks in the summer

Club aircraft and launch facilities

Pawnee Pawnee G-BUXY winch Winch
KAN Puchacz KAN FUY Puchacz FUY
BNH K6Cr BNH   JKW Puchacz VN
581 Astir LPM JKW Astir JKW