November Nicety – Sunday 10th November

The forecast seemed uncertain after a night of rain with billowing grey cloud but nonetheless a good Sunday turnout ensued.
With the weather conditions improving all the time the cloud cleared and a bright sunny day was in the offing.
A fleet consisting of 3 Puchacz and 1 Astir were assembled by the dewpond ensuring we could all feel the benefit of the the fresh North Easterly wind.
A useful day of instruction followed with BI’s under training and Bath University members making the most of the relatively benign conditions.
A solitary private glider was fielded which made the most of the conditions with some engine assistance, reportedly even encountering some wave.
A good solid day with 33 winch launches and a few aerotows thanks to Nick Bowers impromptu tug duty.
With everything put to bed by 16:15 we were away by 17:00 (after a slight delay due to a flat battery on a motorcycle – Top tip, don’t leave your heated grips switched on!)
The field whilst in good condition has certainly become markedly softer and all should take extra care when operating any equipment so as to preserve the condition of the field going into the winter. Remember, how we look after it now will determine it’s condition for next years flying.

CHRISTMAS DINNER! – There are just 12 names on the list for Christmas Dinner! John and Julie go to great lengths to prepare this festive feast which is a great social evening. Unless names are forthcoming there is a distinct possibility that this won’t happen!