4 thoughts on “Sun addled ex Chairman experiments with the dark side”

  1. Que Hombre!
    I appreciate it’s a volcanic island but could they have found a few more rocks to break some ankles and chip some teeth? or were you actually parachuting into a war zone?

  2. It does look a little more middle eastern hot bed, than sun baked paradise in that shot 🙂 .

    Chris, you and I need to collaborate on BWND Blog photos next time we get a heavy snow at the Park. I’ve got a great idea involving me with a couple of emergency flares, and your renowned aerial photographic skills 🙂 .

  3. What you can’t see is all the tourists on the beach through which these things land. There were about a dozen landings within a five minute interval. People just stand and expect not get hit. They often end up walking out from beneath the parachute risers when it’s collapsed.

    A bit more regulation might help but then none of it would happen probably. Enjoy it while you can!

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