Soaring Saturday

A cold front cleared through a little earlier than forecast on the morning of Saturday 7th, leaving behind a crisp, clear Β blue sky and a light north-easterly. The cumulus started to organise while the private gliders rigged, only three club gliders (FUY, JKW and LPM) making a showing.

Although tricky to get away from the winch, by the early afternoon those that did were rewarded with long flights and high cloud bases. James managed over four hours and 5000′ above The Park in JKW, bagging a Silver Height (congrats James), while the conditions and slow trade for the instructors enabled FUY to soar over 4500′ to the north, with a clear view of the Severn Bridges and South Wales.

Once JKW returned and the hangar was packed, it was time for a cold one in the bar!

View from Frome across the Severn Estuary

Saturday 13th

Saturday 13th saw uni, club and day members make a decent turnout for a November Saturday. With a northerly wind, tales of last Sunday’s wave abounded, with Mike as optimistic as ever. It was great to see Clive again after a period of absence, and it was like he’d never been away as he immediately set to work abusing the unbelievably diligent, hard working, under-appreciated and youthful LPC!

The wave never materialised, but thirty-four launches kept the club fleet of three Puchaczs and two Astirs busy until the light started to fade. There was some soaring to be found, with the longest flight of the day being 34 minutes from the winch. The motor glider also returned to the field from its maintenance, making two test flights which were reported to be satisfactory.

When the light started fading and bellies were rumbling, the launch point was packed up and around 20 people headed to the clubhouse for a chilli and raffle organised by J&J in support of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance. The unbelievably diligent, hard working, under-appreciated and youthful barman kept glasses topped up, and it was not long before everyone was tucking into the chilli (a straw poll suggests a unanimous verdict of it being absolutely delicious). The raffle was drawn, with some winning big, while others didn’t even get their bus fare home.