Monday 24th August at the Park. “A very pleasant and relaxing day at the Park today” 😎.

Good evening fellow aviators.

As the forecast suggested, todays weather wasn’t quite good enough to tempt many Club Members up to the Park. There was light rain for much of the morning and early on in the day cloud base sat obstinately around 200ft QFE.

We did however have a very welcome guest booked to fly, Will P, so a small band of aviators hung around to see if the weather would improve so we could get him airborne.

As luck would have it, by around midday there was break in the inclement weather. The rain cleared and the cloud base went up to around 2500ft QFE, with a balmy 240 degree wind quickly drying the airfield.

Mike J was Duty Instructor today to fly Will, and John H was on hand to expertly aerotow them on Wills first soaring flight.

Will is already a PPL holder, so hopefully today will have ignited within him the same passion we all share for soaring aviation.

As there was no one else left to fly once Mike and Will had completed their flight, I took the opportunity to ask Mike if he would fly me in the K21 as a demonstration of aviating best practice. I have recently completed all of my Bronze assessments, and I was very interested to see what the difference between my present aviating ability is in relation to an experienced instructor. It was a very illuminating experience for me, and also a very enjoyable one. During my flight with Mike today I observed that his control inputs and his decision making, all appeared that bit more crisp and polished than mine, he is after all our CFI. It was a real pleasure to just sit and relax as a passenger in a Glider being piloted by someone with Mikes experience, and I now have a refreshed bench mark on where I want my own level of aviating capability to be. It was a terrific experience and one I will definitely repeat in the future.

I took some pictures of my flight with Mike to share with you all. As Mike had full control of the aircraft for the flight, I took quite a few pictures, hope you enjoy them.

A very relaxing and pleasant days flying from the Park dear aviators πŸ™‚.

Kind regards.


It’s a very relaxing experience being the passenger on an aerotow.

As a passenger it was very nice to have all the time in the world to examine the fields we were being aerotowed over, and assess each one for potential land out scenarios.

There’s more time to enjoy the view as a passenger too πŸ™‚.

“Low tow” being demonstrated by MJ….

…. and “boxing the tow”.

Spectacular cloudscapes around the Park today.

Not sure if that is a cloud in the image, or just some fluff on my camera lens πŸ˜‰.
Heading back to base.

Mission accomplished 😎.