SIMPLE – SIMulated Pilot Learning Experience – Condor – UPDATE IF PURCHASING

Further to my post yesterday a few members have been in touch regards setting up. I thought I would add a few pointers here.

Before you do anything make sure that you record all your passwords and usernames etc exactly as you enter them when you install Condor as you will need this for Condor updater etc which is a separate add on.

A – Condor 2:

B – Condor Club: Additional landscapes, forum & comps etc (separate entity from Condor) it’s free so set up a user account-

C – Condor Updater – You can access the link for this from the landscapes tab of condor club above –

Joystick –  You WILL need this so order at the outset.

1 – In the first instance download Condor 2 (ITEM A) and set up your pilot credentials noting exactly how you enter your name as you will need this for Condor updater.

2 – Go to condor club as link above (ITEM B)and join.

3 – Download Condor updater from Condor Club (ITEM C). (Not essential to use Condor 2 however if you want to download UK areas for free you will need it) This enables download of landscapes from the Condor Club site. I would suggest paying for the premium updater membership for 12 euros per year as this gives unlimited downloads and doesn’t throttle downloads. Condor Updater allows you to download complete landscapes without having to extract files etc or search for them in Condor Club. The updater shows which landscapes are available to download that aren’t currently in your inventory on your PC.

As before if anyone requires assistance happy to share my limited knowledge.