Sunday 11th October – A flurry of activity and training training training

A great day at The Park saw a good turnout on the field with private owners tempted to rig by the last vestiges of a mostly good weather day. Warm in the sun but noticeably chilly when the clouds obscured it!
Lots of training and BI flights saw 2 Puchacz the K21 and the 2 club Astirs on the field. Had the 2 other club aircraft not been in maintenance they might well have made an appearance too. The K6 is currently in the workshop with noticeable patches of skin missing from its wings as part of it’s inspection by the maintenance team.
Dan Weston and Harriet Gamble both undertook flights to continue BI training with Alastair.
Many of our newer younger members were in attendance undergoing continuation training and a number of day member flights were undertaken.
Meanwhile in the clubhouse 5 members undertook the FRTOL exam and successfully passed, a thoroughly worthwhile licence to obtain – see write up in the forthcoming glide angle.

A short circuit to end the day in still conditions