Sunday 17th February Flying Report

YES a weekend flying report!
After a tiresome period of no weekend flying the weather declared a temporary truce.

A prompt 9 am briefing from Stuart was all the incentive we needed to get back in the air which saw us fielding 2 Puchacz.
With a strong crosswind from the South / South West we set up at the South East corner of the field.

Having ‘bagged’ the first launch an excellent launch from Doug was curtailed at a 1000ft cloudbase, just a couple of turns and a swift return to The Park. Unremarkable as it may seem the launch was a pre 10am launch. This has not happened for a while so top marks to all. I believe the CFI mentioned something recently about fizzical rewards for those achieving it!

It was great to see some of our new members today, a Father and Son (cadet) who both flew and another new cadet on a quick familiarisation visit. A total of 7 flights and a meagre but valuable 25 minutes total flight time saw the cloudbase descend around 11:30, the aircraft were put to bed and the hangar doors closed at 12:00! Amazing what can be achieved in a short time when we put our minds to it.

Work in the hangar of course continues unabated with VN waving it’s toes in the air in the comfort of the workshop. Additionally much work continues with private gliders and trailers in anticipation of the forthcoming season.

The work on providing us with a stable source of power has evolved at a staggering pace and changes take place on a daily basis. Take the opportunity to have a look around and see what is happening at your club!

4 thoughts on “Sunday 17th February Flying Report”

  1. Excellent effort everyone on an early launch, but does it qualify for the CFI’s pre 10:00 fizzy launch bonus?
    Flightlog thinks not……

  2. CFI `s fizz – to be, or not to be!
    Being the log keeper Sunday morning, the watch on the board 9.59am – to which I secured a couple of “witnesses” the man himself Chris Lewis and the esteemed Ron Lynch. We did wonder what the electronic log would show up.

    Chris C

  3. Well you cant have it all ways – the manual log says yes!
    Whenever the electronic flightlog is mentioned the stock response is ‘ go by the log keepers manual log’
    Whether you deem the manual log or electronic log to be ‘correct’ is a moot point!
    Comparing the actual logsheet and electronic flightlog from yesterday does prove the discrepancy throughout the days flights.
    Of course if the electronic log is the one to go by it will be a cheaper flight – only a 4 minute flight and not a 5 minute one!
    Maybe there is no need for a log keeper and we can rely on technology? probably not I would suspect!

  4. Round up or round down? – electronic log!

    Interestingly the e-log matched the landing time but seems to have rounded up for the launch time – who decides?
    31 minutes either side of the “half past” on the clock!! Digital v analogue (human input)

    Chris C

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