Task week report

Well, a flying week with four very good cross country days and one sunny and flyable day, must be some sort of record.

Despite not actually having very many club members flying, four pilots achieved Badge flights:
Martin Davidson, Diamond Goal.
Keith Longden, Silver distance, 5 hours and 100K Diploma.
Mark Smallwood, 5 hours and Silver height.
Bill Prince, Silver distance.
Ian Simmonds from Dorset GC, Silver distance, Silver height andΒ  100K diploma part 1.

As well as these flights, there were several successful 200K – 500K flights, and three field landings with no problems. Sorry I have no pictures, but believe several have some from the air of Keith’s glider in a field at Longleat yesterday.

Most of all though, a big thank you to the winch drivers and tug pilots for volunteering to launch us.

2 thoughts on “Task week report”

  1. And a great big vote of thanks to Alastair for his organisation of this week’s events. Tasks don’t set themselves and you need to be up early to be deciding then briefing tasks at 09.00 at The Park, more than an hour from home.

    A great week in continental air conditions that brought challenges of high temperatures and late starts, rewarded by high climbs (if you could find them) and interesting tasks.

    Thanks to Alastair and to all who took their turns in keeping the show on the road.

  2. Here, here and thankfully Mick and I haven’t got to set tasks for the Inter-Club League this weekend! You used up all the good weather.

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