Vouchers for Trial Flights
The perfect present and valid for two years
A voucher costs just:
£120 for a launch to 2000 feet
£165 for a launch to 3000 feet
£225 for a launch to One Mile high above sea level.

Take a look at the Trial Flight page for more information.
Vouchers are valid for 24 months.

Trial Flight vouchers
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The gliding club has been flying at The Park for 30 years. Our aim is to promote participation of the whole community in the sport of gliding and teach the art of gliding and soaring. Come along and take a Trial Flight or enquire about membership.

At whatever level of gliding experience, you are always welcome to join our club.

We are open every weekend and one day mid-week plus about six weeks full time in the summer.
Open Day 2024
Our popular Open Day is Sunday 26th May

You can come along and discover gliding on any day we are flying, but the Open Day is dedicated to visitor flights.

We are oferring aerotow launched flights to 2000 feet for just £95. This price is only available on the Open Day, and comes with a 90 day club membership.

Take a look at the Open Day page
Trial Flight vouchers
Visitor information
Discover Gliding
Our team of BGA qualified instructors provide free instruction from beginner to Cross Country flying. You just pay for the launch and soaring.

Three composite training two seater gliders allow you to learn in aircraft that are pleasant and easy to fly.

There are three single seater gliders for use by club members.

We are a BGA Junior Gliding Centre.
Junior Gliding