2019 Round Up – Aerobatics

Hi all,

Firstly, Happy New Year!

Secondly, I have made a round up video from this seasons aerobatics training and competitions, it is embedded into the site below.

Feel free to check it out.



4 thoughts on “2019 Round Up – Aerobatics”

  1. Cheers Dan. Happy new upside-down 2020 to you too! Great video, looks good fun but must be simulated – your sunhat and glasses didn’t budge ( or are they superglued on?). Phil

  2. Happy New Year Dan and all,
    It all looks rather splendid, and I had to remind myself that the blue in the background is actualy called “sky”.
    By the way, was that a bug you squashed, about 2:27mins into the video, or was it something more substantial?
    May the gods of hot air be with you,

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