Another one of those convergences at The Park.

I had a nice little run in the motor glider, engine off, under a long convergence line this afternoon. I ran it from The Park to Henstridge Airfield and back at between 2500 and 3000 ft.  I could have kept on going but was time limited.

Can’t load video files this big on the Blog so I’ve put a short video on You Tube, a whole new experience for me.  Find it at

Here’s an attempted upload of a second video heading back from Henstridge towards Gillingham

2 thoughts on “Another one of those convergences at The Park.”

  1. Excellent use of the day Mike!
    Meanwhile, after the 3rd full day of work, clearing rubbish, reorganising and construction, the long awaited accommodation block is nearing completion… somewhat scaled down but should get a bunk bed and a hammock in there. Then all we need is the mood lighting an a fume extraction system 🙂

    1. I’m impressed that we can afford to have a Sauna, and that we have enough electricity to run it. Can we source some birch twigs too?

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