Staying in Touch

Hi All

A written message and a video message are going out to all members today to bring you up to date with what is going on in the club. My video message is here Video Message We are asking or your help in putting together ways of staying in touch with each other and also having a bit of fun. We need loads of ideas and also teams of people to make it all happen. Lets start a conversation here about what you would like to see and how you might help.

Dorset Gliding Club at Risk

Bad news for our colleagues at Dorset Gliding Club; their landowner has decided to sell the airfield. The club is trying to raise money to buy the field and have already raised a considerable amount towards the cost. Inevitably they need more and have started a crowd funding page to try to raise funds. The link is here It is in the interests of all pilots to keep as many airfields open as possible especially gliding fields. Hope a few of us will be able to help our friends at Dorset.

Lasham Judicial Review

Many of you will have seen in the BGA December News that Lasham Gliding Society’s application to the High Court for leave to apply for a Judicial Review has been granted by a High Court judge. This is good news for all of us affected by unreasonable and disproportionately large grants of controlled airspace that affect our safety as glider pilots and our ability to enjoy our sport.
Lasham are continuing to crowd fund the resources they need to argue the case. Details are here . I hope some at least of us will want to contribute however little to support a cause important to us all.