Flying Group. Friday 26th July

We flew a group on Friday from a Probus club in Romsey, returning for their third year running.  (Professional and and Retired Businessmen’s Association).

Despite the heat wave preceding the day, the forecast teased and prodded us but in the end the weather proved to be adequate to the task with no rain.  18 flights were made by a mix of aerotow and winch, totalling 6.5  hours.  Lots of smiling faces went away vowing to return next year if we’ll have them.

Thanks to the gallant band of Team Park helpers, lead by Nigel Warren clutching Polly’s cake, who made it all happen and were willing to give their time to this.  These events create a bit of money for the club and make for a sociable day sharing what we like doing.

If you can get a group together please liaise with Nigel about getting them booked in for a day of evening.  Our real target is prospective members but we’ll take anyone’s money….

Mike Thorne

One thought on “Flying Group. Friday 26th July”

  1. Message from the group’s leader.

    Hello Mike,

    Not much more I can say about yesterday. It was brilliant! Chasing the thermals is great fun, and challenge!
    On behalf of everyone from our lot I’d like to thank you and all of your volunteers for making us very welcome once again and giving us their time and manpower (embarking and disembarking etc!).
    Ours seem very happy the way it all turned out.
    Might well see you again next year?

    Many thanks again,

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