Saturday, 1st June – a walk around The Park

Whilst our Board of Directors were deliberating over our future, I went  for a walk outside our usual boundaries.  Many of you will not have done that but it was a beautiful evening, watching the Hares and the Skylarks as I wandered. I’ve added a few photos:  On  the  north side, the field (which looks very narrow)  adjacent  to the line  of trees,  is good to land in  and  has  a track  to  the  Maiden  Bradley  road  at  the west  end.   Looking east,  from  the  end  of  the  south gulley,  note  the steep sides;  nothing  could  land here.   From  the  east  end,  looking west,  the  sheep  were not impressed!  You  might  survive a landing  just  before  or  just  after  the  solitary  Ash  tree  but  note  the  very  rough  ground  at  right  angles  to  your  approach  if  you   don’t  get  the  spot  landing  exactly right!!!

3 thoughts on “Saturday, 1st June – a walk around The Park”

  1. Good observations on the valley to our south Phil. I think this should be a required walk for all of our pilots! I wouldn’t want to try to land there.

    Mike T

    1. Too much archaeology there to land without bumps. The name “Dane’s Bottom” for the coombe to the South might have provided the required hint that any attempt to land there would be a bum-steer in any case. ☺

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