Saturday 8th Feb

After a good BI Training Flight with Alastair. Where we managed to soar to 2800ft Agl (3500ft AMSL) at 3kts up, I took the Astir and flew for an hour on the ridge. I even managed to get some photos for the blog:

I found a few 2kt thermals even at 3pm!
Should I send this into S&G?

2 thoughts on “Saturday 8th Feb”

  1. The wind really did increase later in the day making it possible to hang on the ridge at 55 Kts and 1600 feet QFE and be stationary across the ground the ground !

  2. Yes, plenty of ridge soaring and a truly busy day with Club members attending the Bronze lectures in the morning and flying the ridge in the afternoon. We had 4 University students, plus 1 who, himself is a full flying member in his own right, managed to have his check flights an re-solo, plus club members on both the flying list and booked. All students arrived early in the morning, helped get gliders and equipment out, pitched in all day and helped with packing away.
    Club members supervised the gaiter training, land rover retrieve, launching and retrieving of gliders enabling them to participate in the activities of the launch point.

    Chris C

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