Saturday night, Sunday morning

I stayed overnight following the AGM  and felt the need for a short walk at about 2am.  For those who’ve not yet stayed over on a clear night, the starscape is fantastic!  It’s got to be one of the darkest places in our area to view from. Highly recommended.



One thought on “Saturday night, Sunday morning”

  1. Hurrah!! 🙂 . After a 10 day lull, our beloved Blog has returned to full bloom. Not one, but two overnight posts of Park news.

    Well done Mike, well done Phil, I enjoyed both your posts this morning. A great start to my day so far 🙂 .

    Phil, I very much look forward to enjoying the star scape from the Park this Summer also.

    Hope you all have a successful and enjoyable day my fellow BWND club members.

    Kind regards.


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