Sunday 8th September

It turned out to be a better day than many of us expected I think and it gave really excellent soaring conditions. I thought it might be worth posting a few pictures from my flight, as it was one of the most satisfying in the last few years.

I enjoy visiting exciting soaring locations, and the Isle Of  Wight ranks high on my list. I have only been able to fly there once before as suitable days are rare and it’s a 300K flight to St Catherine’s Point and back. The flight is normally only possible in August or September due to the sea breezes that occur earlier in the year. The secret it seems to me is that it’s not difficult to cross the Solent, but it’s important to be able to be high enough to get to a good climb on the other side, which will likely be twice the crossing distance.

Isn’t this what gliding is all about?

Approaching Portsmouth

Looking to the IOW

Looking west


St Catherine’s Point Lighthouse! 

Heading Home, looking NE


Give it a try, it’s not difficult.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 8th September”

  1. Great flight Alastair. As you say a very good day’s flying but it may be some time before I try that one.

    1. Wow 🙂. Great flight and spectacular pictures. But I agree with Martin, it may be a little while before I try that one 🙂.

  2. Modest, as ever Alastair. I turned back just before Portsmouth as the sky emptied of helpful looking clouds. Their relatives remained resolutely inside the Southampton airspace directly on track and just a little too far to the west. I see that Andy Aveling took his Arcus super ship through there just afterwards with a radio clearance from Southampton.

    I had a lovely run back to The Park after re-contacting clouds near Alton and went around the club 100K Salisbury/Blandford faster than I’ve previously managed, so salvaged a little pride.

    A delightful day, and more to come I hope. Maybe there’s another IOW attempt in it this year….

  3. Awesome! It’s not just the width of the Solent, there’s a lot of wet stuff around Portsmouth to cross too. Even with a turbo for comfort, that must have taken cool nerves. ( Another Andrew, ex Bath & Wilts, World Champion, also did it the same day but with his engine extended, not running – see his ladder report!)

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