The Resurrection of two-seat flying. Thursday 2nd July.

For some time now, a dedicated cadre of members have been filling the blog with wonderful pictures of the fantastic weather and soaring that May and June brought us. For some members however, my brother Nicky and I included, we have only been able to watch. Like others, we allowed our currency to lapse over the winter, in our case to focus on preparing for exams that never happened.

Fortunately, a long soaring summer is back on the table, as two seat flying is tentatively returning thanks to our club having the good fortune of gaining the use of a K-21 Glider fitted with the EASA approved polycarbonate screening, that shields the front and rear cockpits from one another. This is a venture that has been talked about since we first retreated to our houses, and I believe was pioneered at Southdown Gliding Club in the early part of June.

Last Sunday, the modified K21 was received to much anticipation from Tim D, who test flew it with Steve L.

Steve L took to the skies again this morning in the K21, with Leslie as P2 this time, for a final familiarisation flight before the commencement of the days training.

Our CFI then took Nicky P for the first two-seat instruction at the Park since the Covid crisis began – completing Nicky’s annual checks and returning him to currency.

Around this time our intrepid single-seat pilots took to the skies, led by Damien M, who took an aerotow behind John H to 3000′, and photographed the spectacular cloudscape. (photos below).

Initially the weather had looked mediocre, but by this point the clouds began to open up and thermals were beginning to rise.

Not long after one o’clock, with a reasonable amount of flying already done, it was my turn to get my annual checks done and return to the wonderful world of single-seat flying.

Mike J, Steve L, and everyone else involved in resuming 2-seater flying, have paved the way for others to begin regaining their flying currency also.

By the end of the day we had sunshine, removed our jumpers and had conditions that were almost recognisable as a July day.

Damien, Doug, and Trevor even found time to pick some delicious looking cherries!