Sunday 17th. Thermals. Remember them?

Thermal streets to over 3000ft in a strong, cold westerly.  Gets the heart fluttering, as well as the new S80 varios.

Despite the tug going U/S with an ignition fault, winch launches were very adequate to the task.  There were several prolonged flights, one of an hour before a chosen return to the field.  Two Puchs and an Astir were fully utilised until about 16.00 when the promised rain showers threatened and then arrived.

Character building stuff but it gives hope for what’s soon to come.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 17th. Thermals. Remember them?”

      1. We all stood in awe – watching your pitch perfect take off in the motor glider in the strong westerly – closest thing to an escalator accent we have ever seen! Thermals or not.

        1. It’s the first time I’ve ever been at 800 ft passing the winch in the Venture. Almost a winch launch!

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