Tuesday 16th June at the Park ☔️⛵️🙂.

Well we certainly made the most of what todays weather had to offer us 🙂.

The soaring forecast for today wasn’t a particularly good one, so understandably only a small but hardy band of aviators assembled for some local soaring.

Our CFI Mike J led the way today, taking a Cloud Climb to Flight Level 100! Before having to leave the 8 knot averaging thermal that had taken him there, as our club craft don’t as yet have onboard transponders. In typical Mike J style he made good use of the available height during his descent with a multi-turn spin, and a few aerobatic manoeuvres that were enjoyed by the Pilots waiting back at the Launch Point 😎.

As the day progressed the soaring conditions did tail off unfortunately, with the lift becoming very patchy. All Pilots who wanted to fly did get the opportunity. Chris B had an enjoyable flight in the Motor Glider, Trevor H and Nick M scratched away in the cooling conditions extending their flights as much as was possible.

I took the final flight of the day. It was a tentative attempt only, as we had already identified rain curtains visible to the South East of the Park. As I released from the top of the winch at approx. 1400ft QFE, the elevated perspective confirmed our suspicions that rain was on its way, so I promptly headed home. I was logged down with a flight time of 3 minutes! Not sure if that’s a record short duration from a full launch flight, but I’m claiming it until someone tells me it isn’t 😉.

Heading back promptly turned out to be a good call, as some rain did arrive not long after. Realising the best of the days weather was now behind us, we decided to pack away. We got everything packed away in the Hangar in good time before the worst of the weather arrived, but did get a little wet in the process.

From the safety of the hangar, we watched the weather build in intensity while tracking it on the Met Weather Radar.  The Park was soon to be enveloped in a tremendous storm. Rain of almost biblical proportions ensued ☔️. Even though the inclement weather had shortened our Gliding day, it was smiles all round. It would appear everyone enjoys watching the spectacle of good storm, from the comfort of a warm and dry vantage point 😉.

While driving back home across the Deverill’s this afternoon, I did keep a watchful eye for a large wooden vessel ⛵️, captained by a bearded gentleman by the name of Noah. But fear not dear aviators, I saw no such vessel, so our Flying Week will continue 🙂.

I took a few pictures of this afternoons monsoon to share with you all, hope you enjoy them.

The Park found itself right in the heart of a storm this afternoon.

From the comfort of the hangar, the ensuing storm was an impressive spectacle.

Challenging conditions at the Park today dear aviators, but we made the most of what opportunities there were 😎.

Kind regards.


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