Tuesday, 29th September.

From the forecasts, we expected a sunny start and a mostly bright day with some Cu.  Indeed, travelling from west of Bristol airport, I was driving into the sun most of the way, until I got to Frome.  Then heading south towards The Park, I could see cloud close to the hill tops.   This was stubborn to clear and resulted in a late start.  Steve and Lesley in the Venture reported cloudbase  of only 700′ at 1030, which improved a little to 900′ when they landed just after 1100.  From then, it did get better.  Four private owners rigged and some good soaring was done, though there was more cloud cover than initially expected.

On the training flights, “Bart” got his first flying in a K21 and we welcomed back Mark S. on his “30 day ticket” and new member Charlie H. ( after escaping from work).

Keith converted to a “complex” type, having to raise and lower the undercarriage on JKW.  He’s done this n.thousand times before, by pressing buttons, flicking switches or small levers but possibly never before by moving  a large painted lever, operating a gravity assisted over-centre system, with no back up – such is the excitement of flying an Astir!

Many thanks to all who kept the launching going on a very pleasant late September day.  Carpe diem;  the rest of the week, into October, isn’t holding much flying promise.

Phil G.