University Gliding Club News & Sports Day Report

All of us from the University Gliding Club are pleased to announce that we now have 32 full University members thanks to our recent recruitment drive! What a day we had on Wednesday 25th September. Many thanks, on behalf of all of us at the University Gliding Club to all of our wonderful volunteers from The Park for their assistance with our University Freshers Week Sports Day event on Wednesday 25th September 2019.

 The event was a true success! BWND’s Astir CS Jeans (LPM) worked as the perfect visual and attraction to get our recruitment drive off to a flying start (if you pardon the pun) and sparked the interest of so many students from all different courses, countries and walks of life. As a club that promotes equality in aviation, we’re really thrilled that ⅓ of our members this year our female! 

 Massive thanks to Mervyn Burt for helping us rig the glider in the morning of the day, Phil G and Adam Berrisford for kindness and supporting welcoming, greeting and talking to University of Bath students about Gliding with such happiness and enthusiasm. Last but certainly not least, a very special thank-you to Graham and Anne for picking up and safely returning LPM for us, despite the weather conditions in the morning! Without all of you the event wouldn’t have been possible, so thank you!

 The glider & event sparked interested from both the novice and experienced pilot, and we’re over the moon that many students who have joined us have the aim of going solo in mind, and will be training with us over the course of the next year. We’re also joined this year by a couple of nearly solo Juniors, including Amalia Maiden, from Lasham Gliding Society with us this year, so we’re super excited about the year ahead! 

 Thank you to everyone at Bath, Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club for making us always feel welcome at The Park. It’s going to be an amazing year & we’re all super excited!


Andy Callaghan

University Gliding Club  Chair 2019/20

Our Wonderful Recruitment Team from BWND & The University of Bath Gliding Sports Club

A selection of photos from the day…

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  1. Thanks Andy. Pleased to be of help towards such a great result! and that my sartorial elegance didn’t put them off 🙁

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