Well we have achived quiet a lot in the past year with plans for a lot more,.

Hope you all have had a good Christmas, be it without any flying, better things to come.

Just to emphasise what has been said before, all the bits a pieces that we put outside to facilitate the laying of hanger floor, if you what it kept you, yes you, need to find somewhere for it to be stored and put it there.

When I return in the new year, I will be arranging a skip to remove all that is left outside.

And whilst on the subject of that area, It was agreed by the committee that trailers are not left outside hanger for more than one day, if you bring you glider into hanger for repair and it stays in hanger, for any period of more than a day, you must put the trailer back in the trailer park please, parking is getting very tight at times.

Bye the way, weather in Malta very sunny with light wind and cloudbase about 3-4 thou varying 0-5 eights cover, not that you could concidering gliding, there is only one glider on the island, a K8, in flight museum hanging derigged against the wall.

Happy New Year to all and I will see you in 2019


Bye the way Mike I get notifications on all new posts

Hanger floor and other work.

2nd half of hanger floor has now been cut, more water used to cut down dust so floor is now very wet even though we swept out as much as possible, be aware of slipping on our new ice rink.

Drains from around South side of hanger and cabling for power supply now laid and covered, Beware if you go around there, two deep leaf traps that have been put in near base of gutter downpipe are still open, new covers on order and should be at club Saturday.

Drain across hanger apron will sink a bit in time and contractors have put more stone on the muddy part of apron.


Mick L