Condor feedback required

Evening All

As we are now happily starting to get back into the air 🤗 (and for some of us back to work☹️) there appears to be less demand for our virtual sessions. Therefor the plan is, unless anyone has any alternative feedback, to cut back on the frequency of our flights to once a week.

Therefore the next flight is planned for Sunday evening at the usual time.

The sessions we have put together have been well supported and it was this support that made them so successful and enjoyable.

Thanks to Dan for his support with his technical knowledge and all the pilots making it so much fun.

What happens in Condor stays in Condor🤣

I hope see you all at the club very soon.

stay safe 



One thought on “Condor feedback required”

  1. Sunday evening Condor sessions sound good to me George 🙂 👍🏻.
    Many thanks to you and Dan for all your work setting everything up for us all.
    And as always George, “What happens on Condor, stays on Condor”, 😉 😂.
    Kind regards.

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