An unexpected great day out!

On the 25-7-23 my task was PRK-SAS- BLD-CHD-PRK, A sea breeze front developed unexpectedly which allowed me to fly along it form just past BLD to CHD and then home only turning once at Chard, I did contemplate carrying on along the coast but chose to completed the task, for a distance of over 100kms without turning!. My MOST ENJOYABLE flight of the year …. SO FAR!

On the way to CHD could maybe should have kept going!!!
On the way back just before turn for home.

Condor feedback required

Evening All

As we are now happily starting to get back into the air 🤗 (and for some of us back to work☹️) there appears to be less demand for our virtual sessions. Therefor the plan is, unless anyone has any alternative feedback, to cut back on the frequency of our flights to once a week.

Therefore the next flight is planned for Sunday evening at the usual time.

The sessions we have put together have been well supported and it was this support that made them so successful and enjoyable.

Thanks to Dan for his support with his technical knowledge and all the pilots making it so much fun.

What happens in Condor stays in Condor🤣

I hope see you all at the club very soon.

stay safe 



New scenery required

 Last evening’s outing to Parham was an outstanding success! Most pilots had not experienced the thrill of blasting along at 100+ knots at (and below 👏👌👍😂) tree top height! (What happens in condor stays in condor😁👍)

We are going to Wales tomorrow! This will require a new scenery area. If you wish to join please download: West-UK2 (1.00)

We will be flying the Duo-Discus.

Hope to see you there,




Ridge Bashin!

Ok Condorteers

Tonight we are going to Parham…Club class gliders only.  A short task but conditions are ideal for fast ridge run.

I,m expecting a local expert to show us the way,🤗

Dont forget to save your task at the end to put it onto the BGA eLadder.

See you there


P.S don’t look out of the window this afternoon😎What a beautiful soaring day!!!!!

New condor update

Hi Everyone

Please ensure you update to the new condor patch before flying tonight, version 2.1.3 should fix problems caused by the last patch!?!

tonights task will be:

Park -Membury -Wells -Park,

slight variation in thermal strength and size, light SW wind.

I may not be able to join but i hope to pop in to check on progress…..



New BWND server

I hope the condor pilots aren’t boring everyone with our continued use of the blog, however I would just like to thank Dan Pike who has set up a dedicated server, his technical know how leaves me dribbling in the corner of the room, his server will host all on line events with fewer hick ups I hope, we tested it tonight with 7 pilots joining with a minor problem being sorted at the start, once up and running most completed the club 100k task SAS BLD. Tonight’s task was a bit more challenging due to the weather settings, this caused a couple of land outs, but I was also privileged to see some aerobatics from Tomas and Nicky that Tim Dews would have been proud of (better to land with the wheel down though Nicky👍😂) All in all still with the same friendly club atmosphere.

we are planning the next task for Friday evening at 19.00 an out and return to Aston Down.

if there are any specific tasks anyone would like to do please drop me a line, about 100k is about right time wise.

hope to see you then


Flying is Back( at least ON LINE)

After a successful test flight last night BWND is back in business!
( at least with Condor2 👍😂)

We clocked up our first 360 (virtual) Kms between us with varied results, two successful land outs, very close to home and an enjoyable evening was had by all.

I would like to invite anyone to join us again on Monday evening at 19.00 for another short task.

hopefully it won’t be long before REAL flying commences

stay safe


Condor. 2 on line

Hi All

I hope everyone is fit and well, if not fit at least well?!

Is anyone interested in a group flight, flying on line today at 14.00 using Condor2? I am hoping to Host a flight which will be named “BWND” the password will be “Discus”

All you will need is “UK south EastUK3″scenery.To join the session all you need to do is go to the Condor2 home page, klick on Multiplayer and a list of sessions will show up, then scroll down until you see BWND and press Join, this will then as if you want to start Condor 2 , press confirm and the program should start in the multiplayer screen with the server address already filled out within the game. At this point press join and you should see the task for today, select your steed  check the weather tab etc and press start,

hopefully I’ll see you there