Condor. 2 on line

Hi All

I hope everyone is fit and well, if not fit at least well?!

Is anyone interested in a group flight, flying on line today at 14.00 using Condor2? I am hoping to Host a flight which will be named “BWND” the password will be “Discus”

All you will need is “UK south EastUK3″scenery.To join the session all you need to do is go to the Condor2 home page, klick on Multiplayer and a list of sessions will show up, then scroll down until you see BWND and press Join, this will then as if you want to start Condor 2 , press confirm and the program should start in the multiplayer screen with the server address already filled out within the game. At this point press join and you should see the task for today, select your steed  check the weather tab etc and press start,

hopefully I’ll see you there



9 thoughts on “Condor. 2 on line”

  1. Great stuff George.

    I’ve finally got myself set up on Condor this evening. So if you or any other members are doing another group flight, please post it up on the blog or drop me a message to let me know 🙂.

    2 Condor associated questions for anyone to answer please:
    1) Is a headset useful for group flight comms?
    2) What are the turn points for our clubs 50k and 100k?


    Kind regards.


  2. Evening Damien

    Whatever time suits everyone I will put up another server, just let me know.
    1: I haven’t figured out verbal comms on line but I know you can add comments by typing your messages.
    2: if you log onto the BGA ladder all the club tasks are on there.

    Tell me which task you would like to try and that’s the flight I will load onto the server.

    All the best


    1. Thanks George.

      A Club 50K from the Park could be a great group fly.

      7:30pm Friday night should suit most people who fancy giving it a go.

      If that works for you George, please set up a 50K from the Park with turn points of your choosing, and post the details on the blog, so I can have a practice on Thursday night ahead of the group flight!

      Thanks bud.

      Kind regards.


  3. Hello George.

    Yeah, Rivar Hill is a nice one for Friday, let’s do that one bud.

    This task is great because it gives people two options for the flight depending on how much free time they have on Friday evening.

    People can do the 50k Park – Rivar Hill and land out at Rivar Hill. Or if they have the spare time to stay online for longer, they can do the full out and return Park – Rivar Hill – Park.

    Thanks George.

    Kind regards.


  4. Having watched all the excellent BGA seminars (which I strongly recommend) I can confidently predict the weather this Friday evening as being just about perfect, light winds with a cloud base of about 4500ft with moderate thermals. Although old habits die hard and the task will be Massively underset! but i hope it should still be enjoyable .
    Hope to see you there.

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