New scenery required

 Last evening’s outing to Parham was an outstanding success! Most pilots had not experienced the thrill of blasting along at 100+ knots at (and below 👏👌👍😂) tree top height! (What happens in condor stays in condor😁👍)

We are going to Wales tomorrow! This will require a new scenery area. If you wish to join please download: West-UK2 (1.00)

We will be flying the Duo-Discus.

Hope to see you there,




One thought on “New scenery required”

  1. Another great Condor task last night, thanks to George K and Dan P, for setting everything up for us 👍🏻.

    Mid-way through our mid-summer task along the North Wales Coastline, I did see an unexpected site that I thought may conjure from within you all gentle and pleasing chuckle 🙂.

    “Is this a Snowman I see before me”? (decorated into the hillside, just to the 10 O’clock of my instrument panel in the attached picture ⛄️).

    Well, I suppose that now the ‘lockdown’ is starting to ease, a blossoming of self expression and joie de vivre is only to be expected 😉.

    Long may our freedoms and unexpected sites of delight from the air, continue dear aviators 😎.

    Kind regards.


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