Monday 13th July. Wave hunting from the Park 😎. Didn’t find any, this time 😉.

Good afternoon fellow aviators.

The thermal forcecast for today was very modest, but there was the potential for some light wave 🙂.

Locally, Cloud Base was 5,000ft QFE, with approx a 10kt 270 degree upper wind.

With such a modest thermal forecast we opted for aerotow flights today to the Ridge at King Alfreds Tower, to see if we could connect with any Wave.

There were signs of light Wave, but the conditions weren’t quite right this time. A high performance Glider would have had a reasonable chance of connecting with the Wave, but the best we managed today was reduced sink and a few bubbles of very light lift.

Many thanks to our CFI for today’s very informative Wave hunting instruction, and Adam B for being available to fly the Tug for us.

A very pleasant days flying from the Park dear aviators, and fear not, that Wave can’t elude us forever 😉.

Kind regards.