Monday 20th July at the Park. An excellent start to the Clubs Flying Week πŸ™‚.

Good evening fellow aviators.

A truly excellent soaring forecast, preceded the beginning of our Clubs Flying Week.

Locally, Cloud Base was approx 4,700ft QFE, with a light sub 10kt upper wind, varying between approx 330 – 030 degrees.

Thermal activity was generally excellent all day, with many Pilots enjoying extended soaring flights throughout the day.

The Cross Country Pilots were out in force, and there are lots of very impressive BGA Ladder updates for those interested πŸ™‚ πŸ‘πŸ».

Our CFI had a productive day instructing Pilots who are returning to flying following the easing of the lockdown.

Glorious sunshine all day 😎.

Excellent soaring all day πŸ™‚.

I took a few pictures from the day to share with you all. Hope you enjoy them.

Kind regards.