Tuesday 21st July at the Park. Flying Week day 2, another excellent days Soaring πŸ™‚.

Good evening fellow aviators.

Our Clubs Flying Week continues, with another excellent days Soaring 😎.

Locally, Cloud Base was approx 5,700ft QFE, with a light sub 5kt upper wind, varying between approx 330 – 030 degrees.

Thermal activity was generally excellent all day, with many Pilots enjoying extended soaring flights throughout the day.

The Cross Country Pilots were out in force again, and there is another selection of very impressive BGA Ladder updates to enjoy for those interested πŸ™‚ πŸ‘πŸ».

Our CFI had another productive day instructing Pilots who are returning to flying following the easing of the lockdown.

I left the Park at 18:50 today and Doug T was still airborne! With only 10 minutes remaining to achieve his first 5 hour duration flight, and still going strong at 4,000ft QFE, Doug had his Silver Badge 5 hour duration flight in the bag . Well done Doug, great effort πŸ™‚ πŸ‘πŸ».

Glorious sunshine all day 😎.

Excellent soaring all day πŸ™‚.

Lets hope these terrific soaring conditions continue.

I took a few pictures from the day to share with you all. Hope you enjoy them.

Kind regards.


The sky surrounding the Park, started to show promise from very early on in the day.
Club members worked hard at the Launch Point getting the days Pilots airborne.
Even better visibility today than yesterday.
The countryside around the Park looked spectacular bathed in todays sunshine.
Following the energy lines around the Park today, regularly resulted in over 2kts up of sustained lift in level flight.
Now I’m not saying the image in the centre of this picture I took today, is a Sky Angel. But it may be one dear aviators πŸ˜‰.