Wednesday 29th July at the Park. A very pleasant days Summer Soaring 😎.

Good evening fellow aviators.

A relatively modest forecast preceded what turned out to be a very pleasant day for local soaring.

Locally, Cloud Base was approx 3,300ft QFE, with a light 5kt upper wind, varying between approx 240 – 270 degrees.

Thermal activity was generally very good all day for local soarers, occasionally thermal strength would fade, before cycling again and becoming soarable once more.

Although local soaring was very good, there wasn’t sufficient thermal activity for our Cross Country Pilots to fly tasks from the Park today.

Mike J and Phil G, had another productive day instructing.

A very pleasant days Soaring from the Park dear aviators πŸ™‚.

I took a few pictures from the day to share with you all. Hope you enjoy them.

Kind regards.


A “Low, Winch Induced Launch Failure”, being demonstrated to a pupil by MJ.
Club Puch FUY, rounding out before gently touching down, following the “Low, Launch Failure” demonstration.