Saturday 1st August at the Park. A very pleasant and productive day for training and currency flights 😎.

Good evening fellow aviators.

Only a very modest soaring forecast for today at the Park, but still a very pleasant and productive day for training and currency flights.

Locally, Cloud Base was approx. 2000ft QFE, with a 10kt upper wind, varying between approx 240 – 270 degrees.

Thermal activity was generally very low at the Park today so no Cross Country tasks were flown. Many Pilots did however make very good use of todays modest thermal conditions for training and currency flights, culminating in a flight total today of 25 Glider flights and 3 Motor Glider flights.

Mike J and Adam B, had a productive day instructing.

A very pleasant and productive days flying from the Park dear aviators πŸ™‚.

I took a few pictures from the day to share with you all. Hope you enjoy them.

Kind regards.


Heavy cloud cover for most of today at the Park.

Many Pilots made good use of todays conditions for currency flights and training.

Nick B contacted some gentle wave today in the Motor Glider, that carried him to a little over 3000ft QFE.
By the end of the flying day, the clouds had parted and we were treated to some glorious summer sun 😎.