Saturday 18th May

A very quiet day at the launchpoint and only 25 flights today. That did though allow concentrated instructional flying for those who had booked. The new booking system is giving much more satisfaction to both instructors and trainees.


3 thoughts on “Saturday 18th May”

  1. Sounds like a typically quiet day at the launch point since the introduction of the new booking system giving more dissatisfaction to club members.

    1. Yes, the trend since the booking system has started is for less club members to be there in the morning getting gliders out and getting the launch point ready, manning the launch point and packing up at the end of the day. Most of this activity seems to fall on the solo pilots who wish to fly the club single seaters and the morning students if they have turned up before 9.00/9.30.
      I am concerned that the “social cohesion” that makes us a club in the real sense of the word is disappearing rapidly.

      Chris Chappell

      Chris Chappell

      1. My explanation for yesterday’s low numbers would rather be that the weather didn’t help. We had similar low numbers under the old system when the weather on Sundays was on the marginal side. On a more positive note, maybe it just shows that people actually put what they learnt in the meteorology lectures into action and decided that it wasn’t a cross-country day.

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