Saturday, 19th and Monday, 21st September

Saturday, we had a brisk north-easterly, which gave some very good winch launches ( Nigel highest with 1900′, I think) but an unusually rough final approach over the fence.

We welcomed back Amy W on a “30 day ticket”, to try the winch launch, having had an aerotow a couple of weeks ago.  Amy has a PPL and flies out of Compton Abbas, so we hope we can convert her to a purer form of flying.

We also welcomed a brand new full member, Charlie H who signed up before taking a trial flight.  He did a solo at Lee-on-Solent  nine years ago, so knew more or less what to expect, though our lush grass and surrounding countryside must surely be more appealing than a hard runway near the sea.

Monday,  Mick undid a few nuts and bolts on the black Landrover; see the photo for what dropped out (sort of), when we raised the lift.  I hope someone knows how to put it back in!