Winter draw(er)s on today

A chilly, windy day, the coolest this autumn to date, provided some testing cross wind launch and landing conditions for those who’d put on their winter woolies, hats and gloves.  Several single seater flights with pilots having no wish try again after getting battered by turbulence.

Heroic Mike Jenks instructed in the Puch all day, managing to find reasonable thermals to extend some flights, but for the most part it was educational, character building, sunny, blue, cold and windy.

We welcomed Bart back after getting himself trapped by Coronavirus restrictions in Crete for the whole summer.  Sadly we had to turn away a couple of visitors as the conditions were not suitable for them today.

Several projects in hand in the hangar involving grease, paint, wires, woodwork and spanners.  

Soon be spring…..

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