Saturday 26th February

I wasn’t expecting much of Saturday as the wind was forecast 15-20 kts southerly with gusts to 26 kts, but there were a good number of thermal soaring flights. I saw a cloudbase in LPM of over 2500ft above site, but what was most notable was the streeting. If this is winter, let’s hope the Spring and Summer are as good.

One thought on “Saturday 26th February”

  1. Well done anonymous blogger (how do you do that?).
    We had a slow start, for various reasons. The wind was too challenging for the tug; Steve L measured a gust of 30kts. We needed a volunteer for LPC ( Bill stepped in) and morning winch, with no qualified winch drivers on site until Chairman Martin turned up ( we told you he was useful). Thus able to continue, we were able to get in some serious crosswind winch launches. With the bonus of unexpectedly good thermals and, sustained by Julie’s butties, we continued until late afternoon, with Phil D having taken over the winch for a total of 22 launches. Thanks to everyone for their help, including visiting BI Shaun, from Dunstable, who was suitably impressed and returning students from Bath Uni.

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