Wednesday 20th May

Today was a trial to see if we could operate safely under the new current government rules. The CFI gave 17 members a long and thorough briefing, and we then flew some Venture flights and eight aerotows with a mix of private and club gliders. The soaring wasn’t great and most of us struggled to stay airborne in very weak blue thermals but it was great to be flying again. The images show Mike Thorne in 919 taking the first launch at the club since the end of March.

After flying we then had a very thorough group debrief and discussion. We are certain that we can fly and run the club safely, but there are many new important procedures and practices to follow. The Chairman will be sending out an email at the end of the week to explain.

It’s unlikely we will fly on Friday due to the weather, but we plan to on Saturday where we will be using the winch as well as the tug.

Don’t forget the flying week next week .


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 20th May”

  1. The “cheesy “ grin says it all, I can’t wait until I look like I’ve trapped got wind Too😁
    Great news thanks for all your efforts…… see you on the weekend😁👍

    1. What makes you think it was trapped…..

      Great to get back in the air. 35 minutes of engine for 2 1/2 hours aloft in the sticky blue conditions.

      Photo to prove that The Park’s still there

      Lots of things to rethink though about operating in a non contaminating socially distanced operation. Careful steps needed by everyone participating. We can do it.

  2. Many thanks to all who made it happen, with the considerable background effort required to get to this point.

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