Thanks for the posts Chris & Chrissie regarding flying yesterday, just to amplify a couple of points, at 9:15 there were just 5 club members on site, this had increased to 6 by 09:30, only one student, the remainder were just old hands that continue to support the club operation. Due to the poor turnout briefing was delayed to 10:30 on the airfield & first flight was just past 11:00. Why should so few do all the work of getting the kit out & the airfield  setup, this is a club operation, gliding relies totally on willing volunteers & team spirit,  unfortunately this seems to be waning. Thankfully those that did turn up had a great day until the low sun & misting canopies stopped play, even the tug driver was smiling!

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  1. There was a really important rugby match yesterday morning so I am afraid I was one of those turning up late. Apologies to those non rugby fans left to get things out first thing. A full house by 11:30 and it was great to see 4 new university club members for the first time. A good late autumn days flying

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