Hanger floor and other work.

2nd half of hanger floor has now been cut, more water used to cut down dust so floor is now very wet even though we swept out as much as possible, be aware of slipping on our new ice rink.

Drains from around South side of hanger and cabling for power supply now laid and covered, Beware if you go around there, two deep leaf traps that have been put in near base of gutter downpipe are still open, new covers on order and should be at club Saturday.

Drain across hanger apron will sink a bit in time and contractors have put more stone on the muddy part of apron.


Mick L

Progress around hangar.

Mick was on site early again, to get contractors digging a channel outside the south side of the hangar.  This will house new electrical cables and water drainage pipework.  They will continue work tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the other team of contractors did not arrive to cut the expansion slots in the southside hangar floor.  Hopefully, they will turn up to complete the job tomorrow.

Lasham Judicial Review

Many of you will have seen in the BGA December News that Lasham Gliding Society’s application to the High Court for leave to apply for a Judicial Review has been granted by a High Court judge. This is good news for all of us affected by unreasonable and disproportionately large grants of controlled airspace that affect our safety as glider pilots and our ability to enjoy our sport.
Lasham are continuing to crowd fund the resources they need to argue the case. Details are here https://www.lashamgliding.com/pages/airspace-campaign . I hope some at least of us will want to contribute however little to support a cause important to us all.



Request from the Chair:

We expect the concrete floor to be finished by Tuesday and will then be in a position to rig the Astirs, BNH and the Venture.  We will also put the lockers etc back in place.  We would welcome help from anyone able to be there on Wednesday. Nick will also want to bring in FUY for its ARC, and he says that the workshop needs a good clean out first.

Optimism isn’t what it was

Sunday’s weather was worse than forecast so no flying.  Workshop activity as usual and some digging around the site while the new hangar-floor continues to dry off.

Maybe Weds will be flyable….

Mike T

Sunday 2nd Dec

Second day of meteorological winter!

Forecast looks as if flying might be possible if the showers hold off.  Possible ridge day?  We need to make what we can of days this time of year, so the duty team will be there.   Mike T

Saturday 1st December

Another unflyable Saturday, but as my last four duty days have been the same, there was no surprise there.

Plenty of activity around the hangar though with a planning meeting and glider fettling in progress.

The hangar concrete has been sealed, so I think it should be OK for rigging of gliders tomorrow.




Phase 2 concrete day today

The hangar floor second half will be concreted today Tuesday 27th Nov.  Thanks to Mick Longhurst, Alec Thomson and Andrew Simpson for getting there at crack of dawn to get the kit out of the hangar.

See Facebook page for 12th Nov for what happened in phase 1.

I see that Christine Chappell advises that there will be no flying tomorrow on account of the vile weather forecast, but that Mike Jenks will be available for ground schooling for those who wish to take the golden opportunity.

Mike Thorne

Sunday 25th November 2018

Following on from Saturday’s wash / grey out, an exceptionally grey and dismal Sunday offered little promise at the outset. Being eternal optimists we fielded 2 Puchacz at the far end of a draughty field. Hmm whats the cloudbase? We all settled on around 700ft and we were spot on although this did lift (a bit).

All in all a very practical short flying day with more practice launch failures than full circuits! 14 winch launches with a total flying time of 40 minutes and maximum height achieved of 1280ft AGL.

Meanwhile in the clubhouse those who sensibly decided to keep warm attended the first winter series lecture on the subject of cloud flying. The workshop meanwhile continued with vitally important and relentless maintenance tasks on club and private aircraft alike!


Wednesday 21st

No flying today, but the second half of the hangar is nearly ready for concreting, which should take place next week when hopefully the weather has warmed up enough to allow it to set.


Hangar floor

A cold and clear Saturday day after early fog saw lots of people making up for the past couple of wet weekends.

Our three Puchacz were safely tucked up in the hangar on the new floor after flying . They didn’t sink. It didn’t crack. They went in under fingertip control with minimal pushing. There was just a bit of shouting as usual!

The committee met afterwards and approved the purchase of a 230V off grid solar power scheme for the building. Big decisions!

Look at that shiny floor.  What else could we use it for?

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Sunday 18th

A lovely sunny day with the wind down the strip giving launches to nearly 2000 feet.

Although we did nearly 30 launches, Sunday was quieter than Saturday, so if you need more launches try Sunday flying.